Trained by the Skater Bro


“Dude…have you ever watched two guys kiss?”

I’m not sure how it happened.

Zack promised to teach me how to skate, but instead we ended up in his bed, fully nude while watching hardcore videos on his laptop. He thought it’d be funny to show me gay stuff, but it did something to my brain.

These days, my free time is spent alone in my dark bedroom. I surf the web for fringe content like “Hardcore Gay Findom” and “Gay MAGA Redpill”, but it’s not enough.

I keep going back to his apartment. He makes me wear a collar. He films me and sells the videos online.

My mind is broken.

I’m addicted to showing my body…


Paperback version can be found online at most major retailers.
Written by:
Archer Vale
Narrated by: Single-voice AI
Length: 53 mins / ~10,000 words


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