Drained by the Swim Team


“Yes, master. I worship straight men.”

“Yeah…that’s a good boy.” Grant pets my hair like I’m some sort of dog. “It feels good to serve straight guys, doesn’t it?”

I kneel on the locker room floor, gazing up as the entire swim team surrounds me. Their tight speedos hug their fit, smooth bodies, causing my eyes to linger on the enormous shapes between their legs.

“Kiss his feet. Show how you feel about him,” Mike calls out.

I fall to the ground and begin my display of loyalty. Not long ago, I thought I liked girls, but these aggressive jocks showed me the truth. I’ll do anything for them—strip nude, drink their essence, let them all use my body…

I need to obey.


Paperback version can be found online at most major retailers.
Written by:
Archer Vale
Narrated by: Single-voice AI
Length: 1 hr 21 mins / ~15,000 words


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