Bound by the Mechanic


The mechanics have a secret hidden deep in the junkyard. I’ll never tell anyone…

I’m a private equity investor. I buy struggling companies and gut them. People think I’m evil, but it’s just business.

My latest employees refuse to be laid off though.

Now I’m chained to a desk in a dark, lonely room. I struggle to remember what life was like before this. I’ve become a pet—a toy for the men I was supposed to fire.

They’ve fastened a collar around my neck and named me “Shadow”. They’ve trained me for obedience. With each passing day, it grows harder to remember my past. I’m sinking deep into this new life.

I’m loyal now. I’m a good, obedient boy.


Paperback version can be found online at most major retailers.
Written by:
Archer Vale
Narrated by: Multi-voice AI
Length: 1 hr 4 mins / ~10,000 words


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