Locked by the Personal Trainer


There’s a back room at the gym. It’s a secret world. It’s designed for guys like me.

Personal trainers are supposed to help you improve…not make you worse.

I came out as gay to my friends and family. I hired a personal trainer to get fit and start dating. Things were looking up.

But that didn’t last long.

He said the chastity cage would help me focus. He said my brain is wired differently than other guys. I need to do “domestic service”.

Things are getting weird though. I’m gaining a lot of weight. I can’t stop thinking about him.

But he says this is normal. This is how I can reach my full potential.


Paperback version can be found online at most major retailers.
Written by:
Archer Vale
Narrated by: Multi-voice AI
Length: 1 hr 8 mins / ~11,000 words


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