Claimed by the Minotaur


To escape this dark world, I must resist the temptations of the labyrinth.

They brought a “cursed” board game to the Halloween party. I didn’t believe it. I laughed and made jokes while we played.

I made it angry.

Now I’m trapped in an underground labyrinth. Stalked by the minotaur, I flee for my life. It wants to capture me. It wants to keep me as its pet—its servant.

And the labyrinth…it’s trying to seduce me. Strange smells…strange statues…

My body is morphing. My mind is crumbling. I’ll never be able to leave this sick, beautiful dungeon.


Paperback version can be found online at most major retailers.
Written by:
Archer Vale
Narrated by: Multi-voice AI
Length: 1 hr 6 mins / ~10,000 words


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