Bred by the Roadside Alpha Male (VIP Story)


He says it’s a special cola—an energy drink. The ingredients are a secret…a family recipe.

Breeding. Reproduction. It cuts to the core of human existence.

The roadside motel is unremarkable—dirty and worn. One door is different though. Its bright red knob leads to somewhere special.

The breeding suite.

This is where the lonely country road ends. His delicious, strange energy drink…it opened my mind. It prepped me for this moment.

He’ll take my wife into the chamber. I’ll drop to my knees and kiss his fertile cock.

This is how an alpha sows his seed.


VIP stories are edgier and exclusive to my store. Available as ebook or audio.
Written by: Archer Vale
Narrated by: Multi-voice AI
Length: 1 hr 9 mins / ~10,000 words


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